Highlighted projects and progression through the Industrial Design Program at ASU.


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Mas Instante, 2019

Housewares Competition Project

The Instant Coffee, Coffee Maker:

Mas Instante was designed to reduce the instant coffee making process to the bare minimum. After creating a Coffee Profile and a pull of the handle, Mas Instante delivers the right amount of hot water (On Tap), sugar and instant coffee, leaving the user to just add milk!

Pet Med, 2019

Pet Product x Smart Device Project

Pet Medication Simplification:

Pet was designed to make the pet medication consumption safer and easier for the user. Using IoT technology, Pet Med tracks, schedules and monitors your pets' consumption rate and alerting owners via smartphone so you won't have to worry.

Super Leggeras, 2019

The Shoe Project

On/ Off Track Oriented Shoe

Whether its a dedicated day out on the track or lovely night out in the town, the Super Leggeras are a light-weight, fire-retardant boot designed for comfort and grip both on and off the track.

Arrow, 2018

The Extrusion Project

A Watch Compliment:

The Extrusion Project focused around creating an artifact with as little process as possible. Arrow offers a two-piece, two-step extrusion process, producing a simple, yet elegant, storage solution for your favorite time-pieces. 

Carrera, 2018

The Chair Project

The Race-Inspired Lounge Chair

The Carrera Lounge Chair's inspiration comes from the interior of some of the most luxurious auto-makers out there, as well as material inspiration from the late Charles and Ray Eames' famous 1956 Lounge Chair.

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