Primary rendering tool is KeyShot 9, touch ups done in Photoshop. 



Mas Instante, 8hrs

Mas Instante was an attempt at a more free-form design, playing with more curves in SolidWorks than normally comfortable.

This Model was also my second attempt at creating the internals of a part and designing around how the product would work.

Pet Med, 8hrs

Pet Med was an attempt at sleek lines and minimal curves, it taught me where to make cuts and shapes that make the CAD Model itself look questioning, although come together completely in the final rendering.

Pet Med was also a first attempt at creating the internals of a product.

EV Plug, 6hrs

The EV Plug was a freehand attempt to create a universal electric vehicle plug for the sake of practice; the EV Plug taught me how to handle strange curvatures and the many, MANY methods to work around to achieve the desired goal.

Time-span for the EV Plug mostly comes from having to restart in order to learn proper technique.